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The cell phone – friend or foe of the stationary trade?

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Anyone who has already decided this question for themselves and wants to chase every smartphone-loving customer out of business with a grim expression will probably not need to read on at this point. For all those interested, however, some...
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Location-based marketing at the POS: iBeacon and co

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Anyone who, like me, is often accused of paying more attention to the smartphone than the large selection of women’s shoes during longer shopping trips together, now gets the justification: location-based marketing solutions. But what’s the exciting thing about it...
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Interesting omni-channel solution providers

Finding the right software solution is no easy task. A general recommendation cannot exist anyway, since the individual situation (industry, products, sales channels, existing IT systems, logistics) also requires individual solutions. So here is just a first selection of larger providers...
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The wish list of the CMOs for omni-channel marketing

Obstacles for omnichannel2
Almost every company is now active with its marketing activities on both offline and online media channels. Online and social media marketing budgets in particular are increasing rapidly every year – even for companies that are not themselves active in...
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The active use of product reviews to increase sales

There are companies and brands that are so popular that customers can take everything out of their hands. The products with the bitten apple as a logo have at least temporarily experienced this effect. For the rest of the world, however,...
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