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The cell phone – friend or foe of the stationary trade?

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Anyone who has already decided this question for themselves and wants to chase every smartphone-loving customer out of business with a grim expression will probably not need to read on at this point. For all those interested, however, some...
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Omni-channel re-targeting for cross-channel customer contact

This is where the modern customer comes into business, thanks to digital research is already well informed about products, price comparisons and alternative products and expects an even better prepared seller. Conversely, what does the seller know about the customer...
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More with less: how a reduced selection leads to higher degrees

How Reducing Options Can Increase Your Conversions
There are already several studies on this topic. Since it is always forgotten, here is a concrete example related to online marketing or omni-channel commerce – appropriately compiled by online performance guru Neil Patel (Quicksprout). How reducing Options can increase...
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The active use of product reviews to increase sales

There are companies and brands that are so popular that customers can take everything out of their hands. The products with the bitten apple as a logo have at least temporarily experienced this effect. For the rest of the world, however,...
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Do you still need retail? An interview with the CPO MediaSaturn

Interview with Riederle MediaSaturn
Philipp Riederle, popular and self-proclaimed mouthpiece for youth and trend research, interviews Klaus-Peter Voigt, CPO of the MediaSaturn Group. In contrast to his book “Who we are and what we want”, the young author is not exclusively concerned with the...
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