The wish list of the CMOs for omni-channel marketing

Obstacles for omnichannel2

Almost every company is now active with its marketing activities on both offline and online media channels. Online and social media marketing budgets in particular are increasing rapidly every year – even for companies that are not themselves active in direct online sales. But hardly any company can measure the success of these multi-channel measures satisfactorily … because unfortunately the customers do not play along. Many customers are already “omni-channel” today and use a variety of online or mobile devices (PC, smartphone, tablet) as well as traditional media and stationary shops for information search and purchase at the same time (see eg consumer initiative study eV ).

Accordingly, it is a clear concern of omni-channel marketing not to “lose” customers through all these channels and devices and thus to be able to assign the success of the individual measures to the end result. Here is an interesting survey of the CMO Club and VisualIQ from Oct 2013 :

“Omni-Channel Marketing is a strategy of informed engagement in which brands plan, execute, measure, and optimize their efforts through every marketing touchpoint experienced by their target audience, with the goal of optimizing the performance of those efforts in a way that is distinct from the optimization of any one media channel or device.”

However, only one in five participating CMOs expressed satisfaction with their own options for assigning the marketing activities of one channel to the success of other channels. The customer’s first or last point of contact with the company is often used for the assignment of success – with foreseeable consequences for internal conflicting goals and budgets and inadequate cross-channel cooperation.

Low trust in an optimal marketing mixThe effect on the customer experience is foreseeable. Accordingly, only 15% of the CMOs surveyed are convinced that their company can define the optimal marketing mix in order to successfully lead the customer through all contact points.

Obstacles to omni-channel marketingAt the top of the wish list of 85% of CMOs is consequently better access or better integration of data, the use of “big data” to analyze customer behavior and the use of suitable technologies to link the various marketing activities. A lot to do.