Where’s the guacamole? Intelligent customer control at the POS

connected retail lighting

There are supposed to be retailers who have tried (to no avail) to disrupt mobile Internet access within their business premises in order to prevent customers from comparing prices with online retailers. But there should also be retailers who rely on the integration of the smartphone to offer the customer added value at the POS, present offers and stimulate additional purchases. No particularly difficult question, which shopping experience is perceived more positively. In addition, this interaction also casually results in valuable data on the customer and his purchasing behavior.

The new solution from Philips offers an example of an interesting integration. In short: with the help of a smartphone app and the innovative LED lighting system, the location of the customer is determined in the POS. Via the smartphone app, the customer receives shopping suggestions that match his interests. In the example: there are suitable recipes for the customer’s idea for a Mexican evening. In the shop, he is guided to the necessary ingredients – including any special offers and additional purchases. A good example of how the modern and “connected” customer can be provided with added value almost playfully.

The Philips Intelligent Lighting System is in direct competition with Apple’s iBeacon and comparable projects. With a small but relevant advantage … energy and cost-saving lighting is included free of charge. To the information:

Philips connected lighting systems

Philips light app as a navigation aid

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