Digital Mirror at the POS – “Can I try it on?”

POS digital mirror

Technology has made some progress since the first television was used in the shop window or in the store for more attractive presentations. Not much has changed in the equipment of most shops …

Too bad, because there are now many ways to use digital technology at the POS better than for continuous loop advertising. Interactive installations in particular not only make the shopping experience more playful. Rather, there are many possibilities for both the customer and the seller to combine the restricted world of a stationary business with the diverse possibilities of the online world, such as

  • not to present the offer of models, color variants or configurations in stock
  • to motivate the customer to individual (regular) customer interaction in order to offer personalized suggestions
  • Offer additional product information, reviews, social media information or testimonials

Using the example of fashion business:

There are mirrors in every fashion store. Interactive, however, not (yet) everywhere. But this makes shopping for clothing an entertaining activity even for men. Especially if you can even save yourself the annoying try-on of most variants … as this video by Cisco demonstrates in an entertaining way.

Also on these pages, providers of digital POS solutions clearly demonstrate this technology ( Mobile Mirror or Magic Mirror ).

And because we are currently in fashion, here is another example of the connection of online and offline channels for the MarcCain fashion chain , which shows very clearly which steps are being taken towards omni-channel. Not only to use the digital channels for better product presentation, but also to show online visitors the availability and try options in their own shops.