Edeka: Online marketing for offline stores

Media usage

Since unfortunately not all customers storm the shops without being asked, the marketing has to do it again. But does online marketing also make sense for industries that perform their entire service offline? Well, even if you don’t think about the higher level of accuracy and thus cost efficiency of online marketing … the rapidly increasing use of the Internet medium suggests not only to limit your advertising activities to traditional media channels.

This development is also clearly documented in Austria, see for example the RTR report

And every now and then it even has a real hit in viral marketing that spreads itself via social media. A current example is the German food chain Edeka. Two other popular examples from “non-online” industries, such as the Westjet X-Mas Miracle Story or Van Damme’s legendary Volvo Trucks advertising … all viewed millions of times over YouTube.

Edeka super horny

Westjet X-Mas Miracle

Volvo trucks