Do you still need retail? An interview with the CPO MediaSaturn

Interview with Riederle MediaSaturn

Philipp Riederle, popular and self-proclaimed mouthpiece for youth and trend research, interviews Klaus-Peter Voigt, CPO of the MediaSaturn Group. In contrast to his book “Who we are and what we want”, the young author is not exclusively concerned with the desires of digital natives, but generally asks: “Amazon, eBay, price comparisons … do retailers really need it?”

Klaus-Peter Voigt admits that retail has a lot to catch up to in order to arrive in modern times (omni-channel). “Amazon has made the customer a fan with logistics, service .. and bound to itself.” The relationship with the customer is actually one of the strengths of the retail trade that you have to remember: with specialist advice, service and shopping experience.

Since customers (thanks to the Internet) are more informed about the product and price, it is essential to be there and communicate with the customer “360 degrees”. Simply omni-channel…. “Everyone is working on it”.


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