The net on the net: the omni-channel presence in Facebook

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The Facebook Shop

To start with the Bestbuy UK statement:

“Our customers tell us that they like the way we listen and respond to their views online, whether in our community forums on, via our Twitter feed or on our Facebook and You Tube pages. We’re so excited to be giving our customers another new way to buy technology online. ”

The trend towards “social customer service” has visibly increased recently, especially on Facebook. Companies are where your customers put their questions, worries, complaints … and praise … too. The direct and personal interaction makes it possible to effectively operate customer service for a broad public.

Facebook itself is of course making increased efforts to improve its advertising offer. The latest level can be seen in the expansion of these two trends: the Facebook shop. What motivation can there be in addition to a web shop, possibly also an Amazon partner shop, now also a presence on Facebook?

As a community, Facebook is a quasi-closed network-in-network. Thanks to the detailed user profiles, the visible interaction between customers and the company, the dissemination effect through circles of friends, activities can be addressed with high efficiency to suitable target groups. Last but not least, interested customers can also be addressed again thanks to the new advertising options within the Facebook network. Here are the most active new Facebook stores.

In German-speaking countries, O2 has moved an entire shop, including staff and offer, to the social network. An exciting experiment. O2 popup store.

Interested? Well, maybe one of the providers can help you with the realization in the following overview: Market overview Facebook shop systems. There are exciting ideas for almost every industry:

Market overview FB stores