“This internet thing will never catch on” – the relevance of the internet

What happens in an internet minute

Amusing to read from today’s perspective. In 1997, the well-known Sunday Times and Guardian columnist Sir Simon Jenkins was not very convinced of the new medium.

“The Internet is one more electronic craze that market forces will sooner or later put in its proper context.” “The Internet will strut an hour upon the stage, and then take its place in the ranks of lesser media “

Well, reality has probably overtaken these statements. In the meantime, hardly any company can afford NOT to be active and active on the Internet. And nobody should close their eyes to the fact that the company can be found on the Internet even in the case of inactivity … in the form of customer discussions, complaints, product reviews. Actively helping to design which content is presented on the Internet and even reacting professionally to unpleasant articles is one of the best ways to impress potential customers.

Because it is always impressive, here is a small contribution to the still exploding development of the Internet.