Design and implementation


Marketing automation, integrated supply chain, central availability of goods, product catalogs, interactive POS displays … the list of system and process improvements and requirements is long. Fast and comprehensive system solutions now promise many providers on the market, e.g. Hybris, Intershop, Fujitsu and many more. However, as with any project, the essential point for successful implementation is the planning phase:

1.) Analysis of customer needs and behaviors. How and where customers look for information before buying. What information is important to you? Is the “Touch & Feel” important in this product segment? How are buying decisions made? Where to buy

2.) Analysis of sales channels – own and competing, online and offline. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the individual channels? Which channels does the customer first come into contact with, where does he finalize the purchase? What expectations does the customer have in terms of advice, purchase processing and fulfillment? Not to be underestimated: How strong is the internal resistance and conflict of interests between the channels?

3.) Analysis of the company situation and the market environment. What resources are available? How innovative can you be in the implementation? What measures are competitors taking? How can you differentiate yourself from online and offline competition? What know-how does the company have for implementation and the necessary rethinking?

A lot of work, where relentless openness is necessary to set realistic goals. However, there is probably no alternative to these steps. Because the competitor doesn’t sleep …


In this section we collect examples and contributions on the topics of cross-channel interactive product presentation and purchase processing:

Omni-channel retailing

This section, on the other hand, deals with the acquisition of prospective customers and the further processing of the potential customer up to the purchase decision:

Omni-channel marketing

Approaches to conception as well as interesting system solutions and implementations for omni-channel commerce topics are summarized here:

Design and implementation