Interesting omni-channel solution providers


Finding the right software solution is no easy task. A general recommendation cannot exist anyway, since the individual situation (industry, products, sales channels, existing IT systems, logistics) also requires individual solutions. So here is just a first selection of larger providers where you can get a rough picture of the essential “features”.

Hubris : It will probably not be easy to spot the inventor of the term omni-channel commerce. The Swiss company Hybris, which has been owned by SAP since 2013, claims to have launched the first truly fully integrated B2B and B2C omni-channel platform. The aim of the platform with modules for online, shop and mobile is in any case to offer customers exactly the fully integrated shopping experience promised by omni-channel commerce.

Intershop  : According to its own statement, the “largest independent provider of solutions for omni-channel commerce” tries to move from its roots in eCommerce to the new cross-channel world. Good grades are given, atleast for the B2B solutions. And if a CEO describes his company as the “inventor of eCommerce”, it is worth taking a look at the solutions and reference customer list.

Compuware APM

Compuware :   one of the most established B2B software providers and suppliers for most of the world’s top companies . Particularly interesting for online and omni-channel commerce companies are the developments of the companies Gomez and dynatrace (from Austria!) Acquired by Compuware in 2009 and 2011 respectively. The “Application Performance Management” products not only allow live monitoring, analysis and improvement of business processes (pure stack), but above all the end-to-end development of customer activities ( purepath ) on your own pages. In this way, it can be researched in detail where your own processes can be further improved in terms of performance, content or intelligibility.

Epsilon : the online and email marketing specialist not only offers interesting and high-performance dialog marketing solutions for digital customer acquisition and, above all, customer loyalty via the most effective tools. As a good example of content marketing, there arealso many readable articles on omnichannel (and of course online, email, mobile marketing)on the own platform RetailCMO .

Digital River : Another originally very eCommerce-heavy provider that covers essential services with various hosted services: among other things, order management & fulfillment including tax and customs calculation, but also fraud management and multilingual customer service pages. The retail sector is now increasingly being targetedas a target group for omni-channel services .

IBM : With its WebSphere solution , IBM also offersan opportunity to design the customer experience and order processing across channels. Specially process-oriented, the aim is to ensure a uniform and integrated customer experience across all contact points. An interesting component is also “ Social Commerce “, ie the increased interaction with customers and also their communication about the products and shopping experiences in social networks, forums, etc. To track the resulting information according to “Sentiments” (i.e. opinions / moods ) to evaluate your own products and act accordingly is of obvious value.

Microsoft and Oracle : A very important part of any high-performance omni (or even multi) channel strategy is an intelligently designed product catalog. Without such a “PIM” product information management, the various ERP, shop, and online marketing systems quickly reach the end of their capabilities. Neither the multiple manual maintenance for product information, offer rules and availability in all individual systems is justifiable, nor the ever more complex technical adjustment. A simple solution to the problem: a centrally managed “PIM”. You can find more information on this at Microsoft , for example. Other big names like Oracle offer ready-made concepts.