More with less: how a reduced selection leads to higher degrees

How Reducing Options Can Increase Your Conversions

There are already several studies on this topic. Since it is always forgotten, here is a concrete example related to online marketing or omni-channel commerce – appropriately compiled by online performance guru Neil Patel (Quicksprout).

How reducing Options can increase your conversions!

Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

It can be shown repeatedly that a small selection simplifies the buying decision of the consumer – and thus increases the likelihood of buying.

In this NY Times experiment, jam is offered for tasting on two different days.

Once 24 different variants, once 6.

While the 24 variants attract more interested parties to the tasting (60%), only 3% decide to buy. But of the only 40% interested in the 6 variants, 30% decide to buy!

Why? The phenomenon can be explained very clearly. Fewer variants can be clearly distinguished from one another, the selection of the preferred variant is easier … and the fear of a wrong decision decreases. In fact, this even increases customer satisfaction.

Neil Patel sees a clear connection to the topic of online marketing. Reduced selection fields, reduced forms and data queries, reduced navigation options … clearly increase conversions, i.e. the desired transactions of the customer with your own website.

Thanks to the jam experiment, it is already proven that the same also applies to brick-and-mortar retail …