Click & Collect instead of “We deliver tomorrow between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. …”


Often heard and often a problem. Ordered conveniently online … and then unfortunately delivery is only made when you are sitting in the office.

Perhaps one of the most strongly implemented omni-channel trends is therefore the possibility of picking up goods ordered online on the way home in a convenient place. This has several advantages for the customer (and also the provider):

1) As a precaution, he can check the goods again when they are picked up … the return rate can be reduced on site. Not only that a seller may be able to clear up some questions and problems right away … if necessary, he can sell an alternative item. Or make a few additional sales on the occasion. In Austria, for example, the computer dealer DiTech  has long had the option in the program. No shipping costs, no waiting times … and no senseless driving around and searching. Discounter electronic4you has also relied on its pick-up stations for a long time.

2.) It saves valuable time in the search and selection business. Everything is done conveniently online. Here, too, of course, with some nice tips about what other buyers of this product may have been interested in. In any case, you no longer squeeze through full shops shortly before closing time and stand in endless cash register lines. In the UK, for example, supermarket chains Tesco  (“Shop online and you can pick up your groceries, direct orders and clothing from a store near you.”) And Sainsbury have discovered this topic for themselves. The goods are ordered and paid for online, put together at the POS and picked up by the customer. It’s actually quite simple: Sainsbury click & collect. A whole selection of other providers can also be found here.

And how could it be otherwise – even online retailers see opportunities to increase convenience for customers. Amazon Lockers, for example, can already be found as gray locker walls in many locations in the USA and UK. Here’s how it works : Gizmodo explains and tests.

Volvo click & collect

Business week – Volvo delivery


Probably the most surprising idea comes from… Volvo. Yes, right, Volvo. Why drive to a pick-up station only when one is parked in front of the office? No towing, no detour, everything ordered is already in the car. This should be made possible by a digital one-time unlock code. Exciting solution …

Any new ideas? A little thought in advance … is logistics already able to do this everywhere? Does the webshop even know which goods are available in which stores? If not, there is still a little bit of work ahead …