The active use of product reviews to increase sales

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There are companies and brands that are so popular that customers can take everything out of their hands. The products with the bitten apple as a logo have at least temporarily experienced this effect. For the rest of the world, however, it means to draw the customer’s attention to themselves and to convince them in competition with alternative providers. The growing majority of customers are already looking for relevant information and objective decision aids before making significant purchases online.

An important source are of course public opinion leaders and the private environment (keyword: social networks …). However, public reviews and testimonials play an increasingly important role. On the one hand , these can be well-known professional providers such as Stiftung Warentest or consumer, who of course can only test a section of the product range – and are usually subject to a fee. For high-quality products there are often special interest platforms that publish their test reports free of charge – for example called. Working actively with these providers should be a matter of course for every PR and / or product management manager. Anyone who provides fully functional test samples, clarifies any problems in advance and actively responds to deficiency reports will surely give a better picture. But again and again there are examples of negative test reports that go around the web uncommented and without positive counterweights for all times.

However, the most diverse and ultimately credible source of reviews is real customer reviews. Amazon has long recognized this and is actively promoting customer reviews of their purchases. However, there are also solutions for manufacturers and dealers of all sizes that enable a critical mass of customer reviews to be made without much effort. Examples are independent review providers such as Reevoo  or Bazarvoice, which are relatively easy to integrate into your own product or shop pages.

Here is an exemplary case study from Reevoo and Orange UK.

The use of a continuous review system increased the trust of the customers (and thus the purchase rate of the readers by 80%) and also made it possible for other users to answer customer questions through integrated forums.